My name is EJ Davies.  I write.  Well, I type.  I review stuff.  I write stories.  I have even been known to turn my hand at editing too.  Whether it’s a quick one-hundred words on my favourite coffee, a thousand words for a novel review, or a six-thousand word short story, I write.  I enjoy it.  I like the flow.  I like the process.  I like the research.

This blog is a collection of my musings on various subjects, various movies I’ve seen, and novels I’ve read.  I have worked extensively over at the website FiftyShadesOfGeek.org where I am a copy editor, copy writer, and audio producer, so if you want to see more evidence of my work, it’s over there; or you can click on the helpful links on the ReviewCentral page.

I’ve also been published.  You’ll find my first short story – Family Secret – already out in the anthology Chip Shop Horrors, released by KnightWatch Press; and my second short story – All Heart – coming out later in 2016 from Fox Spirit‘s Fox Pockets title Reflections.  My third short will be out with Fox Spirit too, titled Patron it’ll be out in an anthology called You Left Your Biscuit Behind.

And if there’s anything else you want to know, drop me an email to: ej_davies <at> me <dot> com

Thanks for stopping by.



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