Bechdel and Mako Mori – raising the profile of female characters in movies

There’s a reason I’ve recently started identifying as to whether movies pass or fail the Bechdel Test.  I’ve recently been re-evaluating my standpoint on a lot of issues, reactions, and situations in light of discovering just how privileged and entitled a life I’ve led.  And a lot has been made, particularly in the last few years, about the lack of diversity in the movie industry.  This was typified by this year’s Oscars.

You may have already noted that I have also adopted the Mako Mori test.  So, for those who don’t know, here is the scoop.

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Ghostbusters (2016) and Prejudging Movies

It seems we can’t go a few weeks online without someone or other losing their shit.  This week, it was this guy’s turn:

Now, I’m all for honouring those movies that we’ve loved from childhood, but putting them on a pedestal and saying they can never be redone is kind of laughable.  It smacks of the kind of dummy-spitting, toys-out-of-pram throwing nonsense that the Internet seems to attract, and I simply cannot abide.

What’s more, this is the movie that seems to be doing it.

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Watership Down (1978) and the parental backlash

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday.  In their infinite wisdom, the program scheduler’s at Channel 5 in the UK decided:

“Hey, let’s put on a nice Easter film about bunnies.”

I may be paraphrasing the actual conversation.

Watership Down was released in 1978, directed and written by Martin Rosen from the original children’s book by Richard Adams.  It starred many great British acting luminaries in voiceover roles.  It tells the story of a group of rabbits who abandon their warren after a prophecy, and seek out a new home.

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How Well Did Deadpool Really Do?

This meme popped up on my Facebook feed this weekend.


As a very quick thought, I wondered where these stats came from and how relevant they were.  Many questions cropped up:

  • How many screens was Deadpool on compared to the other films?
  • How many screening were available for Deadpool and other films?
  • How many days were the openings for the other films?
  • How does this compare to other comic book movie openings?

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Answering Screen Rant’s 10 Plot Holes in MCU

Dear ScreenRant,

I’ve just read your article – this one:  I would like to say what a well written, thought out, and researched article.  But it isn’t, so I won’t.  I would, however, like to sum it up with a single word: clickbait.

I’d like to respond to this article with reason and logic, so here goes:

First, why are we doing these in reverse order like some kind of countdown?  Is this just an editorial choice?

Second, you also mention that “While moviemakers do their best to give an explanation for oversights, those of us who don’t watch the director commentaries can end up getting confused.”  Which is the reason why watching listening to the commentary tracks and watching the deleted scenes is probably a good idea.

Third, just because it doesn’t happen or get mentioned on-screen, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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Re-evaluating Tom Cruise

Back when I was young – all those decades ago now – I had something of a revulsion against a particular kind of actor.  They were ruggedly handsome, usually graced the pages of teen magazines in various stages of undress – usually with pecs and abs showing, and by and large starred in a given type of movie.  Tom Cruise was counted on that list.  Being who I was back then, I tended to stay away from movies starring those kinds of actors.

Around 2004-2005 I watched a movie called The Last Samurai.  I put my Cruise-hate to bed for two-and-a-half hours to watch a movie about Samurai.  Two things happened: one, I fell in love with a great movie; two, I started to like Tom Cruise.

Since then, I’ve gone back over Tom Cruise’s back catalogue and revisited some of his key roles, and it’s interesting to see just how great an actor he actually is.

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Christmas Movie List

Or, how to save my sanity in the wake of the endless repeats of Last Christmas in the shops; and the inevitability of family quarrels.

With Christmas now in full flow – it being around lunchtime on Christmas Day, though I did finish this list on Boxing Day – my mind often turns to the list of Christmas movies that end up on the list of things to watch over the festive period.

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